Challenged Voter


You may be challenged by election judges, other registered voters in the voting site, or pollwatchers with valid credentials. Three of the most common reasons you could be challenged include:
  • Your signatures are substantially different on your application and voter registration record.
  • It is believed that you no longer reside at your registration address.
  • It is believed that you are not the person you claim to be.

If you cannot provide the required documentation or refuse to give the sworn oath, you may not cast a ballot. You may be processed as a provisional voter, and then you have seven days to provide the required documentation to the Lake County Clerk's office.

Challenged when Voting by Mail

When voting by mail, be sure to insert your voted ballot in the certification envelope and sign the front of the envelope before mailing it back to the Lake County Clerk’s office.

You will be contacted if:
  • Your signature on your ballot application does not match your voter registration record,
  • Certification envelope is missing, or
  • Certification envelope is not signed.
  Signing certification envelope

Challenged in the Voting Site

If challenged, you would be required to:

  • Provide two forms of valid identification, both showing current name and physical Lake County street address or a witness who is a registered voter residing in the same precinct.
  • Give sworn oath that the information you provide is true and correct, and you are qualified to vote.