ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Voting


In compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), each early and Election Day voting site offers handicap entrance ramps, wheelchair accessible voting booths, magnifying lenses, and ballot marking equipment.

When using the ballot marking equipment, you can choose to have the ballot displayed on a large-print screen or read to you through headphones. You can customize the font size, screen contrast, volume, and speed of speech. The terminal also accommodates sip-and-puff tube technology.

Privately, you use the touch-screen feature or arrow keys to navigate through the ballot choices and make selections unassisted. After you confirm a summary of your choices, the terminal will mark the ballot and return to it to you for placement in the ballot bin.

If you have difficulty physically entering either the early or Election Day voting site, you may want to take advantage of the voting by mail option. You only need to walk to your mailbox to receive and cast your ballot. Click here for a  Voting by Mail application.

Demonstration of the ballot marking equipment can be scheduled through the Lake County Clerk’s office by calling 847-377-2314.
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