Upcoming Changes for Lake County Public Works Customers

Important changes are coming for Lake County Public Work’s customers through early 2020. Be aware of upcoming rate adjustments and a new emergency alert system. 

Rate Changes 

Lake County recently completed a system-wide analysis which indicated that there is a need to adjust water and sewer rates to ensure the most efficient and reliable service possible. As a result, water and sewer rates will be adjusted for all customers in the Lake County Public Works service areas effective December 1, 2019.

The new rates are broken down by service area and if a customer’s water service is metered or unmetered. The new rates can be found in Lake County’s Code of Ordinances portal. On average, customers will see an increase of a few dollars per month. In some areas where a customer’s water usage is low, they may see cost savings. 

Higher construction costs and energy and labor expenses have increased the cost of providing water and sewer services to homes and businesses. Public Works has underground piping that is more than 70 years old in some locations. The change is necessary to implement necessary infrastructure replacement projects and maintain our high quality of service. 

Water Conservation

Did you know conserving water saves energy, benefits the environment, and can potentially save you money on your water bill? Making changes such as fixing leaky faucets and toilets can save 6,000 gallons of water a year! View water conservation tips.

Water Conservation

Go Paperless

Consider paying your bill electronically instead of by mail. Learn how to pay online or enroll in for automatic withdrawal from your bank account.


Choose How You Want to Receive Alerts

Lake County Public Works is excited to roll out a new emergency alert system called CodeRED in early 2020! The new system will be used to alert customers of important service notices, service disruptions, and boil orders. Customers can choose how they want to receive alerts through either text messages, emails, and/or phone calls. More information on the new system will be forthcoming soon.