Adopt A Highway

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Click on the map to see AVAILABLE and ADOPTED sections of Lake County's highway system

Adopt a Highway

About the Program

Adopt A Highway is a public service program for environmentally-conscious citizen's groups to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment by volunteering to pick up litter along Lake County's highway system.  

Please watch this safety video before you get started.

View the Adopt-A-Highway Program Map to see currently available sections and watch this LCTV Quick Clip to learn more.

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Did you know... 

  • Lake County's Adopt A Highway program celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018
  • You can also Adopt A Path 
  • Adopt A Highway volunteers saved taxpayers $305,000 in labor costs last year 
  • Lake County was the first "Collar County" to implement an Adopt A Highway Program
  • The program includes 264 sections of roadway and bike path
  • In 2012, our program collected 225,000 pounds of trash from county highway rights-of-way
  • The Top 5 types of trash removed from our roadsides: 
    1. Fast food waste
    2. Paper
    3. Aluminum 
    4. Glass 
    5. Plastic