Assessment Notices

In 2019, Lake County property assessment notices are being mailed to property owners in September and October. It's important for taxpayers to read, understand and check this notice for accuracy as it contains important information about their property. Taxpayers are encouraged to contact their local township assessor's office if they have questions regarding the valuation of their property.

After assessments are published for each township, a property owner has 30 days to appeal their assessment if they so desire. Scroll down to view a schedule of publication dates and appeal deadline dates by township. 

Understand Your Property AssessmentHelp Center

Staff members from the Chief County Assessment Office are available during regular business hours to assist Lake County property owners who need help understanding or appealing their assessments, or who want to learn about homestead exemptions, which can potentially provide tax relief.No appointment is necessary.

Chief County Assessment Office Location, Phone Number and Hours
Address: 18 N. County St., 7th Floor, Waukegan
Phone: 847-377-2000
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

New for 2019 - Appeals Must Be Filed Electronically

Online Appeal Filing

Property owners can appeal their assessment through the Lake County Board of Review on their own. No attorney is required for a residential appeal. The deadline date for each property is listed on the assessment notice.

Prior to filing a formal appeal to the Board of Review, property owners are encouraged to contact their local township assessor's office to discuss their concerns.

To file an appeal, all property owners need to begin the process using the Chief County Assessment Office’s SmartFile E-Filing Portal. For property owners in all but five of Lake County’s townships, the entire appeal process can be conducted through this portal.

Special Instructions for Property Owners in Cuba, Ela, Grant, Libertyville and Vernon townships

The assessment appeal process for the five townships listed above is different than other townships in Lake County because they have chosen to use a different software system. This decision to move to a separate system impacts how taxpayers in these townships review and appeal their assessments.

View the instructions for appealing a property assessment in Cuba, Ela, Grant, Libertyville or Vernon township.

2019 Filing Deadlines and Decision Mailed Dates

Township Newspaper Assessment Roll Published
Final Filing Dates Findings Mailed              
PTAB Final Filing Date
Antioch Lake County Journal 09/05/2019 10/07/2019

Avon Lake County Journal 09/26/2019

Benton Lake County News Sun 09/06/2019

Cuba Barrington Courier Review 10/24/2019

Ela Lake Zurich Courier 11/07/2019

Fremont Mundelein Review 09/19/2019

Grant Lake County Journal 10/31/2019

Lake Villa Lake County Journal 09/19/2019

Libertyville Libertyville Review and Vernon Hills Review 10/31/2019

Moraine Highland Park News 10/10/2019

Newport Lake County News Sun 10/03/2019


Shields Lake Forester 09/26/2019

Vernon Buffalo Grove Countryside, Lincolnshire Review and Vernon Hills Review


Warren Lake County News Sun 09/26/2019


Wauconda Lake County Journal 10/10/2019

Waukegan Lake County News Sun 10/11/2019

West Deerfield Deerfield Review and Lake Forester 10/17/2019

Zion Lake County News Sun 10/04/2019

Things to Know

Homestead exemptions can provide tax relief to eligible homeowners, as it exempts taxable value prior to the calculation of property taxes. In Illinois, exemptions are available for general homestead, seniors, disabled persons, disabled veterans, returning veterans (within the last two years) and home improvements. Learn about the homestead exemptions available.

Property information can be searched free of charge at Enter an address or property PIN number to view tax summaries, property history, exemptions, permits, sketches, sales history and a host of other property characteristics.

Seek help if you need assistance understanding your assessment, appealing online, or applying for homestead exemptions. Remember, an attorney is not needed for a residential appeal. Receive help by going to a Tax Assessment Help Center, or contacting your township assessor or the Chief County Assessment Office.