Dual Addresses in Unincorporated Lake County

The Lake County Board adopted a new address ordinance in July 2019 establishing a standard street address system which eliminates the use of one property having two addresses. You may hear this referred to as a "dual address." Lake County in cooperation with local fire, law enforcement and 9-1-1/emergency dispatch agencies is working to implement one official standard address for approximately 3,000 properties in unincorporated Lake County.  For some property owners, this may lead to an entirely new address for their property. 

Why are dual addresses being eliminated?

Dual addresses present serious obstacles for police, fire and ambulance services responding to an emergency. Inconsistent addresses in an area make it difficult for dispatchers and first responders to find homes when precious seconds might make the difference in saving lives, protecting your property or preventing a crime. Dual addresses can also pose issues for mail delivery, navigation systems and the retrieval of county records and can complicate business transactions such as refinancing a mortgage and applying for a passport or driver’s license.

Impacted areas and timeline

Approximately 3,000 properties within unincorporated Lake County have dual addresses. The areas being studied are shown on this map

Dual Address Map

Map of Areas

My property has two addresses. What do I do?

Lake County is working with local fire, law enforcement and 9-1-1/emergency dispatch agencies and the post office to assign you an official address. Once the work in an area is complete, the Chief County Assessment Office will send certified documentation to you to identify the official address you are to use. Refer to our frequently asked questions document (PDF) for additional information.

Ensure your official address number is visible from the street

Once you receive the certified documentation from the Chief County Assessment Office, you will need to ensure your official address number is posted at the access to your property in a prominent location from the street, such as on a mailbox or signpost at the front of your property. View this example on why it’s important to ensure your address is visible (PDF).


Posting your address number in a visible location like a mailbox in front of your house makes it easier for first responders to find your home when seconds count. 

Mailbox 14

Make sure your address number can be seen driving from BOTH directions on your street. In this example, first responders would have a tough time determining if they are at the correct house. Having your address posted on your mailbox and on a signpost or on clearly on your home will help first responders find your property. 

Update your information and notify institutions 

Once you receive the certified documentation, you should make sure institutions have your correct address.

You May Need to Notify:

  • Illinois Secretary of State’s Office to update your driver’s license or State ID   
  • Bank and other financial agencies
  • Children's school 
  • Electric and gas company     
  • Friends and family     
  • Home insurance agency     
  • Magazine and subscription services     
  • Phone, cable and internet provider     
  • Tax agencies such as the IRS

Lake County Will Notify:

  • County offices, such as the Treasurer’s Office, County Clerk's Office and Lake County Public Works
  • Public safety agencies (including 9-1-1 centers)
  • U.S. Postal Service