Our Infrastructure

The Lake County Board is committed to maintaining and enhancing the County’s infrastructure, including supporting transportation policies and projects to help reduce commute times; and exploring new ways to protect and design flood-resilient infrastructure.

November 2021: LCDOT’s 8th Roundabout Opens

The Lake County Division of Transportation opened the new roundabout at the intersection of Fairfield and Monaville Road. Read more

May 2021: Nearly $50 Million in Lake County Infrastructure Projects to Congress

Improving infrastructure in Lake County could get a much-needed boost as part of two new federal initiatives that identify and address infrastructure funding needs at the local level. The projects will be reviewed by Congress for its 2022 fiscal year budget and aim to mitigate flooding, strengthen emergency operations, build new bike paths, and expand behavioral health service. Read more

March 2021: Lake County Board Addresses $1.7 Billion Transportation Project Backlog with Adoption of County Motor Fuel Tax Ordinance

The Lake County Board enacted an ordinance to address the $1.7 billion transportation project backlog in Lake County. The new ordinance will provide an estimated $10 million dollars each year in new transportation infrastructure investments through the adoption of a four cents per gallon local county motor fuel tax. Learn more

December 2020: Quentin Road Widening is Substantially Complete

All lanes were opened on Lake County’s Quentin Road project in Kildeer and Lake Zurich. Work occurred for more than two years on a $22 million construction project to widen a 1.95 mile stretch of Quentin Road to five lanes. Read more

August 2020: 5-Year Transportation Improvement Plan

The Lake County Division of Transportation releases its five-year plan for improvements. Read more