Mission Statement

Mission and Values of the Lake County Sheriff's Office

The Mission of the Lake County Sheriff's Office is to protect our diverse communities by maintaining order, upholding laws and defending the rights of all people.

Our commitment is to serve through education, communication, partnerships, and enforcement while strengthening the public trust.

Core Values of the Lake County Sheriff's Office

  • Integrity

    , which we define as being morally upright, driven by the principles of honest and ethical behavior;
  • Respect

    , which we define as earning the high opinion of the public by treating all persons with dignity, courtesy, tolerance and empathy. We will act objectively and defend the rights and beliefs of all; 
  • Professionalism

    , which we define as having the skill and training to do our job in a fair and objective manner We will follow through in our work; we will be faithful in our work and strive for perfection by conducting ourselves in an exceptional manner by consistently improving our craft and skills.