Lake County has worked with each department and elected office to compile and codify all county codes and ordinances.

The Lake County Code is searchable. Use the Lake County Code website’s “quick search” function to return search results from within all county codes, or use the (Ctrl+f) search function built in to most browsers to return search results from within the section of the ordinance that is currently open in your browser. 

To view all Lake County codes and ordinances, visit the Lake County codes and ordinances website.

For your convenience, links to ordinances administered by the Lake County Division of Transportation appear below. Click the ordinance name to view the relevant chapter of the Lake County Code.

Adopt a Highway
Guidelines and requirements for the administration of and participation in Lake County’s Adopt-A-Highway Program
Highway Access and Use
Standards and specifications regulating access to county highways for public and private use
Special Event on a County Highway
Temporary use of a county highway for parades, marathons, and festivals, other events of public interest, or filming for movies, television, commercials or documentaries.
Highway Weight Limits
Designating county highways Class II/No Through truck routes, providing for seasonal weight limit reductions, and establishing oversize/overweight limits
Snowmobile Signing
Uniform guidelines and requirements for snowmobile signs along portions of county highways and snowmobile trails
Speed Limits
Posting and/or alteration of speed limits, establishing work zone speed limits
Permit Fee Schedules

Schedule of fees and charges for Access, Utility, Facility and Special Events permits issued by the Lake County Division of Transportation