State Highway Consensus Plan for Lake County

The State Highway Consensus Plan was developed in 2006 with input from local elected officials and the residents of Lake County. Everyone came together and reached consensus in support of a list of priority transportation projects to bring about meaningful congestion relief to the transportation system in Lake County.

Over the last 11 years, this plan has been viewed as a model for collaboration, success, and results across the state. The plan takes a regional approach and selected projects based on benefits to the overall system.

Consensus work_3
Traffic congestion is a top issue for Lake County residents.
Implementing the Consensus Plan’s next 5 priorities could save as many as 1.3 million hours each year!

Traffic congestion leads to:
• Time away from friends and family
• Lost time in work productivity
• Delays in getting goods and services to market
These congestion delays cost an estimated $4 million annually in time lost and excess fuel consumption.

Illinois is facing a crisis point in transportation funding.
Funding cuts, new state administrative fees, stagnant Motor Fuel Tax since 1990 – all this is negatively impacting Lake County. We need to advocate for a stable revenue source for transportation improvements and for continued progress on the State Highway Consensus Plan.