Warrant Services Team


warrantsThe Sheriff’s Office maintains the constitutional and statutory requirement to enforce criminal warrants directed to them by the Lake County Circuit Court. Once entered into various local, state and national databases, warrants remain active and on file until the wanted subject is apprehended or a court order is issued directing the cancellation of the criminal warrant. In addition to tracking down and apprehending wanted fugitives, deputies assigned to this section conduct the extradition of fugitives wanted on Lake County warrants who are apprehended by other police agencies.

Deputies are also responsible for the transportation of subjects named in a Writ of Habeas Corpus. These subjects are wanted by the Lake County Circuit Court and are generally serving prison terms in another jurisdiction.

Actions & Initiatives

Deputies assigned to the Warrant Services Team routinely combine investigative efforts with federal, state, county and local law enforcement to concentrate manpower in the apprehension of wanted fugitives. Initiatives implemented to reduce the number of warrants on file include; an automated electronic notification of active warrants with local police agencies, up-to-date warrant intelligence reports disseminated to the Highway Patrol Unit, collaborating with other law enforcement agencies in Warrant Sweeps and conducting frequent warrant reviews with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.

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