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What is the paid work experience program? 

A work experience is a planned, structured learning experience that takes place in a workplace for up to six months. Work experience may be paid or unpaid, as appropriate. A work experience workplace may be in the private, for-profit, non-profit sector, or public sector. Work experiences are primarily established with employers that have current or anticipated job vacancies for positions for which participants are being trained. Workforce Development can subsidize 100% of the wages for new hires, for up to 6 months or 1,000 hours, whichever comes first. 

Qualified applicants will be matched with the employer and approved by the employer. A training plan will be designed that meets the needs of both the trained applicant and employer. Training plans must expose the applicant to the actual work setting and align with the occupational classroom training. Applicants in a Paid Work Experience will be paid by a grant managed by the Lake County Workforce Development Department. 

Work Experience Provides: 

- Hands-on training.

- Opportunity to train a potential employee in a work-based learning environment.

- A meaningful transition into employment.

Work Experience is for the Businesses/Employers that: Are engaged in workforce development activities; Have the demonstrated capacity to provide training and supervision; Are willing to invest time in a newly trained applicant in a training-related job; Have a hiring need-near and long-term; Who Qualifies for a Work Experience. Participants that have successfully completed a training program; Participants that have been trained in a highly skilled occupation and/or career changer; Participants that have been unable to find employment in the career they have been trained in; Participants that increase their employability with a structured work experience. 

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