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DEADLINE EXTENDED: LCCOM Call for STP Projects Now Open January 30 to May 1, 2020

The Lake County Council of Mayors has issued a Call for Projects, open from January 30, 2020 through 5:00 pm on May 1, 2020 for new STP projects to be funded in Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2021-2025. Made up of units of local governments located within Lake County, the Lake County Council of Mayors (LCCOM) is one of eleven regional Councils of Mayors in the Chicago metropolitan region that have been delegated STP programming authority. In addition to new projects, LCCOM will grandfather all previously awarded STP projects into the new FFY 2021-2025 Program. This will leave limited amounts of funding available to include new projects in the Active Program however projects that apply will be considered for the Contingency List; and the Council’s Active Program Management rules will determine when they can be moved to the Active program.

All Lake County Council of Mayors members are eligible to apply for new projects. Sponsors that are not members of the LCCOM must have a member sponsor for their application. The Lake County Council’s policies and procedures can be found in the STP Program Guidebook below.  

Applications must be completed using the LCCOM STP Application and submitted to by 5pm on May 1, 2020.

LCCOM STP Call for Project Resources:

•    LCCOM STP Application (MS Word) (Web Link)
•    LCCOM STP Application Instructions (PDF)
•    Adopted LCCOM STP Methodology Guidebook (PDF)
•    FFY 2021-2025 STP Program Development Timeline (PDF)
•    IDOT’s Functional Classification Map (Web Link)
•    Pavement Condition and Safety Tier Webmap (Web Link)
•    Crash Modification Factors for Safety Improvement Score (PDF)
•    Pre-Call for Projects STP Workshop Slides (PDF)


The Lake County Council of Mayors is one of 11 sub-regional councils in the Chicago region that represent local governments on transportation issues through the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP). Made up of units of local governments located within Lake County, the Council is a cooperative body focused upon programming federal transportation funding for local road, transit, and bicycle facility projects. The Council operates in part through the Lake Council Transportation Committee which is comprised of Elected Officials, Village Administrators, Municipal Engineers, and Public Works Directors whose mission is to identify and address local improvements to the transportation network.

Council Activities

The Lake County Council of Mayors receives an annual allocation of Surface Transportation Program Block Grant (STP) funding and is responsible for programming those federal funds according to the Lake County Council of Mayors STP Methodology (currently under development). Council STP projects must meet all federal eligibility requirements, including being located on a federal-aid eligible route, and must be sponsored and implemented by a local community within Lake County. Members of the Lake County Council of Mayors may propose additions or deletions to the map (along with justification for the addition or deletion, see CMAP’s FAQ’s). Additions or deletions to the system will be considered via a written request from the local agency sponsor with jurisdiction of the route. The Lake County Council of Mayors will forward its recommendations for additions and deletions to IDOT for a final determination in consultation with FHWA.

In addition to the STP program, the Council also works to find additional outside funding sources for local transportation projects. The Lake County Council of Mayors works with IDOT, Illinois Tollway, RTA, Metra, and Pace on various projects these agencies have throughout the Lake County region. The Council also works closely with CMAP to ensure the desires and needs of Lake County communities are recognized in the region’s long-term planning process.

Local Government Assistance

The Lake County Council of Mayors has staff housed at the Lake County Division of Transportation designated through the region’s Planning Liaison Program (PL). The Planning Liaison program provides a direct link between municipalities, counties, CMAP, IDOT, and other partner agencies involved in transportation planning and project implementation. Planning Liaisons directly manage federally funded projects sponsored by local governments in the region’s Transportation Improvement Program (or TIP), actively participate in the implementation of ON TO 2050, assist with air quality conformity, and provide/promote local government involvement in all CMAP activities. Council staff assist communities when applying for grants distributed through CMAP.

Mike Klemens is the designated primary Planning Liaisons for the Lake County Council of Mayors.

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