Civil Union Records

Who May Request a Civil Union Record?

A civil union record may be requested by:
  • those named in the record,
  • child of person named in the record,
  • a family member, or
  • another individual acting as an agent or legal representative of the person named in the record.

Types of Civil Union Records

  • Certified Record
    Acceptable for legal name change on driver’s license, passport, bank account, etc.
    $10 for first certified copy
      $4 for each additional copy
  • No Record Found Certification
    If the record is not found to be on file within our office, a Certificate of No Record Found is available for purchase.
      $1.50 for certification

Ways to Order

  • Walk-in same-day service
  • By mail with check or money order payment
    Record is requested by and mailed to customer through the U.S. Postal Service’s first-class mail 
    • Two business days for processing, once request is received by our office
    • Record can be sent to a street address or P.O. box.
    • Items needed
  • Online with credit card payment
    VitalChek Network, Inc. is an independent company and our selected partner providing vital record ordering services when payment is made by credit card, expedited delivery is required, or order is placed by fax or email. Additional service fees will be applied.


Due to the cost and the inability to re-purpose the state-mandated security paper used to issue vital records, once an order for certificate copies is processed, our office cannot offer any refunds.