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Lake County is pleased to announce that its new and improved permit and inspection system is now available to the public! You can now submit and pay for many permit applications online, and review the status of your applications and inspections using your home computer. Moving to a more streamlined and efficient permitting and inspection process will provide a better customer experience and save valuable time and resources. The new system brings together multiple departments, including:

  • Planning, Building & Development
  • Health
  • Division of Transportation
  • Public Works
  • Stormwater Management Commission

Permit Information By Department

Lake County Updates Fee Schedule, Four Things You Need to Know

Lake County recently evaluated the Land Development Fee Schedule for development in unincorporated Lake County. Changes to the fee schedule go into effect on July 2, 2018. Here are four things you need to know about the changes.

  1. The fee schedule was last updated in 2011. Lake County departments began planning for our new integrated permitting processes and new permitting software and didn’t want to make any changes to the fee structure until we fully understood how the new processes and software would create efficiencies and potentially offset costs.
  2. As we evaluated our fees, we looked at how we compared to other agencies, analyzed where we were covering our costs and where we weren’t, and looked at how the new processes had changed the costs of doing business. The results:
    • No change: Some fees were adequately covering the cost of providing the service and in line with fees charged by other agencies, therefore no change was made.
    • Fee Decreases (or eliminated): After implementing new permit software, and changing several permits to registrations, fees were decreased or eliminated to reflect cost savings from streamlining services and the reduction of staff time and resources.
    • Fee Increases: In cases where the fees were not covering the cost of providing the service, and below market average, fees were increased.
  3. Many common or popular permits have been simplified and moved to registrations and will be available online. This means for something like a water heater replacement, or minor demolition of an accessory structure, the process is simplified and can be approved on the spot assuming some simple conditions are met.
  4. Lake County offers an early assistance program for residential projects at no charge. Homeowners considering projects on their property can begin working with staff for guidance BEFORE applying for permits. This process saves time for both the customer and the county and results in a more successful application process. Early assistance is also available to commercial developments for a $250 fee. This amount is credited toward the permitting process if the project moves forward.