Stormwater Management Program Plan (SMPP) Template

SMC revised their Stormwater Management Program Plan (SMPP) Template in order to comply with IL EPA's General NPDES Permit No. ILR40 issued on March 1, 2016. The SMPP includes substantial changes from the previous template. If you previously created a SMPP, it may be most effective to revise the new SMPP template to coincide with MS4 specific changes rather than updating your existing SMPP. Utilize track changes in the new template to carefully review and update all document text as appropriate and address all margin review comments. Please also review/address all "How To Use" comments at the front end of the SMPP template. 
 Permittees have until August 28, 2016 (i.e., 180 days from the effective date of the permit) to determine how the new permit impacts their existing stormwater management efforts and make the changes needed to bring their programs into compliance with the new permit. Accordingly, each MS4 should be in the process of revising/adopting the updated SMPP by August 28, 2016. In their annual reports due June 1, 2017, permittees must describe how they have modified their programs in order to bring them into compliance with the requirements of the new permit. 

SMPP Template Update (November 2016 Revised) (Word)
Summary of SMPP Template Changes to August 2016 Version (November 2016) (PDF)

5-1 List of Acronyms (Word)
5-2 Stormwater Outfall Screening Equipment Checklist (Word)
5-3 Stormwater Outfall Inspection Data Form (Word)
5-4 Pre-Construction Meeting Form (Word)
5-5 Soil Erosion Sediment Control Inspection Form (Word)
5-6 Sample Notice of Violation Letter (Word)
5-7a Indirect Illicit Discharge Tracking Form (Word)
5-7b Indirect Illicit Discharge Summary Form (Word)
5-8 Spill Response Notice (PDF)
5-9a Yearly Maintenance Plan for New Facilities (Word)
5-9b Yearly Maintenance Plan for Existing Facilities (Word)
5-10 Yearly Tracking Form (Excel)
5-11 Pool Dewatering Fact Sheet 
5-13 Bibliography and References (Word)

 For questions about the SMPP, please contact 
Ernesto Huaracha, Lake County Stormwater Commission, 847-377-7715.