Stream and Detention Basin Inventories

Stream Inventory Methodology

Streams are divided into reaches and a standardized stream/river inventory assessment is completed for each reach.  The stream inventory will assess channel conditions such as bank height, erosion problems and bank vegetation, lateral recession rates, hydraulic structures such as bridges, culverts, and dams, pipes and swales draining to the stream or river (point discharges), land use and vegetative cover along the stream corridor, available habitat in the stream, and channel substrate and degree of sedimentation.  Summary reports are written after field data is complete.

Detention Basin Methodology

Although primarily designed for flood reduction, well designed and properly functioning detention basins can provide multiple benefits including water quality improvement. The objective of this inventory is to measure and assess current conditions noting maintenance and retrofit needs and opportunities to improve the water quality, flood mitigation and habitat functions of the basins. Summary reports are written after field data is complete.

Stream Inventory Links

Includes all nine sub-watershed inventories.