Frequently Asked Questions


General Job Center Questions

How can you help me get a job?
We can assist you to conduct your own job search with greater success.   Go to Hire Lake County to view opportunities vetted by our business service team.  We also have a robust schedule of job search workshops and events.  

 Is there a fee to use the Job Center?

 No, our services are available to all without charge.
How do I file for unemployment insurance?
The Illinois Department of Employment Security handles unemployment claims electronically. Visit their website or call 800-244-5631 with unemployment questions. 

I have a special situation.  Can you work with me?
Each customer's story is  unique.  Job Center partners have helped all kinds of people find employment.  For example, we have specialty services for: veterans, seniors, youth, and people with disabilities or barriers to employment including felonies, poor work history, etc.  Call us today for a referral. 847-377-3450.

Questions Regarding WIOA Training  

I’m interested in training.  How can I get funding to go back to school?
Training is one of many career service tools to help connect individuals with their next job.  To learn more about training grants available through the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), visit the Virtual Information Session.

Who is eligible for training grants?
Eligibility is assessed on an individual basis after you complete the Information Session.  However, meeting eligibility requirements is not a guarantee that you will receive a training grant. 

What training is available and which training providers can I utilize?
Job training is provided by a network of training providers (i.e. community colleges and private vocational business schools).  Our training grants can only be used to fund training with WIOA certified training programs and providers.  The complete list of certified programs and providers is available on Illinois WorkNet. 

Do I have to apply for financial aid to receive a WIOA training grant?
Training grant recipients are also encouraged to complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA).

What are my rights under WIOA?
The U.S. Department of Labor's Civil Rights enter enforces Section 188 of WIOA. Section 188 prohibits discrimination against any program or activity that receives financial assistance under Title 1 of WIOA, as well as, by the one-stop partners listed in WIOA Section 121(b). See further details in Equal Opportunity is the Law.  

Individiuals participating in robotics training
Lake County Workforce Development funds qualified job seekers for training in a variety of high-growth fields including skilled manufacturing.  Pictured here are individuals studying robotics at the College of Lake County.  Photo provided by CLC (2014/15 Mechatronics Program Student cohort)