Bond & Custody

1.What is a bond hearing?

A bond hearing is held after the defendant is arrested. The judge determines whether the defendant is a danger to society and/or whether he/she will return to court for future court dates. The more serious the charge the higher the bond usually is. Once the bond amount is set, the defendant can post 10% to be released from custody. For example: a $10,000 bond would require posting $1,000 to be released. The court can impose specific conditions be placed on the defendant’s bond such as a curfew, no contact with the victim, etc. Defendants out on bond are monitored by Lake County Pre-Trial Services. Although bond is usually set in the early stages of the criminal case, the defense can ask for a bond review or modification of bond on future court dates.

2.How can I find out if the defendant is in custody?

Contact the Lake County Jail directly at 847-377-4107 to check on custody status or register with Automated Victim Notification System (AVN). The AVN automatically notifies registered citizens/victims by phone or email of a defendant's release or custody status 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To register go online or call toll free 866-5-notify (866-566-8439) or TTY 866-502-2423. Vine Link website.

3.Who determines the bond amount?

The judge determines the amount of bond. The prosecutor can request the judge to consider a high bond or request placing special conditions on the bond should the defendant be released from custody, such as no contact with victims, curfew, random drops, etc. Ultimately though, these decisions are up to the judge.

4.What should I do if the defendant violates bond by contacting me?

Call the police and make a report. This is to document what occurred, place, time, who was present, what was said if anything. Be sure to tell the reporting police officer that you are a victim in a pending criminal case and the defendant is out on bond with a no contact condition of that bond. Give the officer the name of the prosecutor handling the case. Next contact the prosecutor or victim-witness coordinator assigned to your case. A violation of bond could result if the defendant’s bond being raised or revoked at the next court appearance.