Attending Court

1. Are defendants required to attend all court dates?

Yes, unless their presence on a particular court date has been waived (excused) by the judge.

2. Are crime victim(s) or witnesses required to go to all court dates?

No. Victims and lay witnesses will be notified by subpoena to testify if the case goes to trial or contacted if there is a hearing requiring their presence. It is very important you notify the State’s Attorney's Office of any changes in address or phone numbers from the time of the original police report.

3.Can victims attend court dates?

Yes. Courtrooms are open to the public with the exception of juvenile court. Victims are welcome to attend court proceedings; however, their presence is not required at all court dates. Victims will be subpoenaed or notified if their testimony is needed. Since victim presence is not required on all court dates, it is suggested victims call the working day before attending court to check if the case is still scheduled. Call the State’s Attorney's office at 847-377-3000, if you do not know the assigned prosecutor or victim coordinator and ask for the Lead Coordinator Margarita Garcia. Please have the name of the defendant and case number available.

4.How do I find out the next court date?

Contact the Lake County State’s Attorney's Office 847-377-3000 and request to speak to the victim coordinator or prosecutor assigned to the case. It is helpful to have the defendant’s name and case number when you call. If you do not have a contact person at the State’s Attorney's Office ask to speak to the Lead Coordinator Margarita Garcia for assistance.

5.What do I do if I receive a subpoena to testify?

To determine whether your testimony will be needed, you should call the Lake County State’s Attorney's Office at 847-377-3000 and speak to either the prosecutor or the victim-witness coordinator assigned to the case or courtroom. When you call, have the subpoena because it contains the defendant’s name, case number, courtroom, and other important information. If you are needed to testify, the State’s Attorney’s Office will work with you as best possible to keep to a minimum your time away from work, school, or other obligations. If you receive a subpoena and do not make direct contact with the prosecutor or assigned coordinator, then you must appear at the date and time the subpoena indicates.

6.What time does court start?

Court usually begins at 9 a.m. Lunch breaks are generally noon to 1:30 p.m. Arraignments begin at 8:45 a.m. for defendants in custody. Court hearings can be specially set by the court and vary in time. If you plan to attend any court dates it is suggested you call the Lake County State’s Attorney's Office one working day before with the defendant’s name and case number to check on the courtroom, time, and date. If there is a victim-witness coordinator assigned to the case it is best to check in with the coordinator. If they are aware you plan to attend the court date, the coordinator may be available to give additional assistance.

7.Where do I park when I come to the court house or Lake County State’s Attorney's Office?

There are two main parking facilities near the Courthouse and Lake County Administration Building.

Both parking facilities must be entered into off of County Street. One lot is attached on the north side of the 10-story Lake County Administration Building. Public parking is on the ground level. If this lot is full go half block further north on County Street and park in the red brick city facility on the east side of County Street. Please bring your parking vouchers inside with you.