Native Plant Buffer (Riparian Buffer)

A native plant buffer (riparian buffers) refers to the immediate area adjacent to a shoreline of a lake or stream containing native vegetation. Native plant buffers (riparian buffers) should be at least 10 feet of dense native plants to grow along the water's edge and streambank to allow pollutants to filter out and the banks to stabilize.

A riparian landowner is a landowner that owns property adjacent to a lake or stream. Riparian landowners enjoy benefits from the lake or stream’s natural attributes and are responsible for maintaining the streambanks or lakeshore (and riparian buffer) on your property.

Healthy Native Buffer Benefits

  • Protecting water quality
  • Reducing erosion
  • Enhancing wildlife habitat
  • Minimizing impacts of human activities
  • Providing positive aesthetics.
native plant buffer area
native plant buffer

Riparian landowners are the last defense to protect our lakes and streams!