Reduce Pesticide Use

The runoff of chemicals from pesticides (and fertilizers) is a major pollutant in our lakes, rivers and streams. Reducing or eliminating the use of fertilizers (or P-free fertilizers), weed treatments, and other chemicals on your property will improve our water quality and prevent additional chemicals from getting into our water bodies. 

Using Chemicals in Your Yard

  • Follow the instructions carefully, apply only the recommended amount and use these products as sparingly as possible. 
  • Check the weather forecast to avoid having to repeat the application. 
  • Hand pick weeds when possible or consider less toxic alternatives.  
  • Long-handled weed pullers grab dandelions easily, especially when the soil is moist. 
  • Allow beneficial insects like lady bugs, praying mantises, and green lacewings into your garden to feed on pests. 
  • Replace diseased or problem plants with native varieties. 
boom sprayer
herbicide application on lawn
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