Debris Removal from Streams

Proper Disposal of Yard Waste

Yard waste can pose a significant threat to streams and lakes. Debris such as branches and leaves are often inappropriately dumped on streambanks and in the channels. 
When piled up on the streambanks, yard waste often kills riparian (streamside) vegetation that is critical for reducing bank erosion and filtering the water. Yard waste that is thrown directly into the stream can cause an influx of nutrients to the ecosystem.

Proper Disposal Methods

  • Compost it away from the stream 
  • Bag your waste in a paper bag 
  • Put your waste in a separate garbage can for regular trash pick up. 
  • Leaves may also be composted and then used as mulch.


Use caution when cleaning debris from your lakes and stream!

Yard Waste in Garbage Cans
BMP Trash Rack
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