Coalition Development

Prevention Programming provides enhanced technical assistance to coalitions in Lake County that work to reduce and prevent substance abuse. We follow the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), a process developed by a federal agency (SAMHSA) to help coalitions effectively address substance abuse issues in their communities.  Enhanced technical assistance includes: grant writing, sustainability planning, sector representation and educating the coalition on the SPF.

  • Click the “Coalitions” link on the left for a list of Lake County substance abuse prevention coalitions.

Communications Campaigns

Communications campaigns are a purposeful promotional strategy to change knowledge, attitudes, behavior, or policy in a specific, intended audience.  Communications campaigns use marketing and advertising techniques to communicate messages of change to both teens and adults, much like consumer ads.  Communications campaigns promote healthy behaviors and work towards changing community norms around substance use. 

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

The Tobacco Free Lake County (TFLC) program provides technical assistance to healthcare providers, communities, schools, and individuals for the purpose of preventing and reducing tobacco use in Lake County. 

We do this through:
  • On-site tobacco cessation counseling
  • Tobacco Use Identification and Treatment training for Healthcare providers
  • Policy development and enforcement
    • Smoke-Free Housing Support
    • Smoke-Free Illinois FAQ for businesses
    • Strengthening local tobacco/e-cigarette ordinances
  • Youth advocacy
    • Teens from all over Lake County earn community service hours by spreading tobacco-free messages in talking to other teens, getting involved in public policy, and even recording radio ads.  Click the “contact us” link on the left to call for more information.
  • Resources for teachers and youth workers

Promotion of Illinois Youth Survey (IYS)

The IYS is a free survey available to schools to help them understand and prevent youth substance abuse problems. The survey helps educators, legislators, parents and prevention workers understand current adolescent behaviors and attitudes toward alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Prevention Services works with schools and communities in Lake County to advocate for their participation in the survey, which is available in even-numbered years. After the survey is completed, our staff provides guidance and assistance to help schools use the information most effectively.

Youth Prevention Education

Prevention Services’ YPE program is a school-based curriculum for 5th and 6th grade students. The lessons in our “Healthy Decisions Life Skills” curriculum help students build healthy life skills such as goal-setting, decision-making, expressing feelings appropriately, self-control, strong communication, peer pressure resistance, and teamwork

Public Policy Initiatives

Prevention Programming public policy activities are initiated through advocacy and public education.   It can also include capacity building, relationship building, forming networks, and leadership development.  
Examples of public policy initiatives include:
  • Social host laws
  • Strengthening local tobacco ordinances
  • Prescription drug disposal

For more information on any of the above programming, or to get involved, click the “Contact Us” link on the left.