Commission Staff

Meet the Stormwater Management staff

Staff names and numbers:

Kurt Woolford, P.E., CFM, LEED AP, Executive Director, 847-377-7720

Mea Blauer, Senior Civil Engineer, 847-377-7701

Tim Cook, CFM, CPESC, CWS, Water Resources Professional, 847-377-7703

Juli Crane, CWS, LEED, PWS, CFM, Principal Wetland Specialist, 847-377-7708

Arnold Donato, Capital Project Manager, 847-377-7712

Brian Frank, P.E., CFM, Chief Engineer, 847-377-7704

Ernesto Huaracha, NGICP, Water Resources Professional, 847-377-7715

Jacob Jozefowski, Water Resource Professional, 847-377-7702

Jeff Laramy, GISP, Senior GIS Analyst, 847-377-7709

Darcy McNeill, Executive Assistant, 847-377-7707

Sharon Østerby, Water Resources Professional, 847-377-7706

Michelle Pope, GIS Analyst/Drone Pilot, 847-377-7730

Mike Prusila, CFM, Planning Supervisor, 847-377-7713

Phil Ruiz, P.E., Principal Permit Engineer, 847-377-7716

Dijana Silber, Water Resources Professional, 847-377-7705

Ashley Strelcheck, CPESC, Water Resources Professional, 847-377-7710

Kelcey Traynoff, P.E., Regulatory Supervisor, 847-377-7711

Anna Niedzinski, Stormwater Coordinator, 847-377-7728