100th Anniversary

  1. Important Dates

    Get a timeline of the Lake County Department of Transportation.

  2. Getting Illinois Out of the Mud

    Prior to 1913, roads within the State of Illinois were the responsibility of the individual townships. Under the Tice Act of 1913, the state legislature created the County Superintendent of Highways position, now known as the County Engineer.

  3. Birth of the County Highway System

    The County Highway System of roadways began with the adoption of the Illinois Highway Code on July 1, 1959.

  4. Coming Of Age

    Prior to 1985, the Lake County Highway Department was primarily focused on the county road system. That changed with the adoption of Public Act 84-756 which mandated that counties with a population over 600,000 create a Division of Transportation and appoint a County Director of Transportation.

  5. Moving Into the 21st Century

    See what invitations brought the Lake County Department of Transportation into the 21st Century.

  6. Historical Articles

    Check out additional historical article that celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Transportation Department.