What is Text-A-Tip?

Text-A-Tip is a 24/7 anonymous text-communication system for youth needing immediate mental health assistance for themselves or a friend. Members of the community can send a message through the "Lake County Help" app to a dedicated number and receive an immediate response from a licensed clinician while remaining completely anonymous. The anonymity makes it a comfortable place for students to share information and provides a safe outlet for voicing concerns about themselves and others.

How It Works

 Anyone in Lake County wanting to use the system can download the "Lake County Help" app, available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.  Each community receives a unique ID which routes messages in real-time to a local on-call response team. All messages are sent through an off-site cloaking server that keeps the communication completely anonymous.

Who Responds to the Texts?

Licensed/certified mental health professionals from Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness are on call 24/7 to respond to messages. On-call clinicians will respond to each communication and will follow up whenever necessary. In the case of a life-threatening condition or criminal activity, emergency responders will be notified. 

Additional Information

LEAD, a Lake Forest based non-profit, partnered with the Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center, Lake County Opioid Initiative, Lake County Regional Office of Education, Barrington Behavioral Health & Wellness, and the Child Adolescent and Family Recovery Center to bring Text-A-Tip to Lake County. If you would like to learn more about Text-A-Tip, visit www.leadingefforts.org or call 847-295-9075.