Wadsworth Rd Intersections

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Description: This project includes addressing existing as well as future capacity and safety needs to the intersections of Wadsworth Road at Dilleys Road, U.S. Route 41, and Kilbourne Road. This Phase I Study is anticipated to be completed in Summer 2016 with Phase II (Plan Preparation and Land Acquisition) Engineering to follow.

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The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is studying the intersections of Wadsworth Road at Dilleys Road, US 41, and Kilbourne Road. A public information meeting was held on April 19 focused on the intersections of Dilleys Road, and Kilbourne Road. (The intersection of Wadsworth Road and US 41 will proceed as a separate study due to the larger scope, and we anticipate holding a separate public information meeting later this year.) The purpose of this meeting was to present the preferred alternative for the two intersections and gather feedback from the public.

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