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Description: This study involves potential improvements to the intersection of Fremont Center Road and IL Route 60, as well as the area bounded by Peterson Road, IL Route 60 and IL Route 83 in the villages of Grayslake and Mundelein, and Fremont Township.

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1/4/21- The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is currently studying safety improvements to the intersection of Fremont Center Road and IL 60. Through the project study process, it was determined that safety would be improved by realigning Fremont Center Road to intersect IL 60 closer to a 90 degree angle, and include a traditional traffic signal. The intersection will also be widened to include turn lanes for all turning movements. The new Fremont Center Road alignment matches potential future roadway alignments in the area. This project is nearly complete with Phase II engineering. Land acquisition is nearly complete for the impacted parcels. Utility companies will begin relocating their facilities in early 2021.  Construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2021. A detour of Fremont Center Road is planned during construction. The project is estimated to cost $2.5 million.

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