Ela Rd - At Long Grove Rd

Limits: Ela Road from Fox Glove Lane to 1000 feet north of Long Grove Road. Long Grove Road to 500 feet east of Ela Road in the villages of Barrington and Deer Park

Description: Intersection improvement that adds a southbound left-turn lane on Ela Road and right and left-turn lanes on Long Grove Road. The intersection will be signalized and include 5-feet bike lanes and an 8-foot shared-use path between Fox Glove Lanen North and the Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve.


Current Information

12/19/2023 - The good news is that it looks like Nicor and AT&T will be wrapped up with their relocation work by the end of December. Verizon/MCI will come in afterwards to finish their relocation work, they estimate about 4 weeks of work. All utilities will be done by the early spring. 

The Intersection work is still scheduled for early spring. The contractor is planning to begin with storm sewer improvements, followed by the road widening work.  

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