Darrell Rd - From Case Rd to Fisher Rd

Description: The project consists of 3 intersection improvements along Darrell Road at Case Road/Neville Road, Dowell Road and Fisher Road. Case Road will be realigned to connect at a roundabout with Neville Road thus eliminating this offset intersection. Dowell Road will be realigned to join Darrell Road with a roundabout eliminating the existing skewed intersection. The Fisher Road intersection with Darrell Road will also be improved by adding a roundabout to replace the existing 1-way-stop-controlled intersection. Construction will also include a bike path between Fisher Road and Case Road/Neville Road. It is anticipated that these 3 intersections will be constructed in a 2-year phased approach starting in 2023, but is dependent on property acquisition and project readiness.

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Virtual Public Information Meeting for Darrell Road Project held via Zoom March 31, 2021

The final public information meeting, discussing the preferred alternative and project schedule, for this project was held virtually on March 31, 2021.  View the meeting presentation and review the exhibits under the Documents tab below.

Land acquisition for this project is currently ongoing and detailed construction documents are being prepared. The first construction phase for this project is targeted to begin in 2023 pending project readiness and land acquisition needs.

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