Completed Projects Spotlight

From small resurfacings to large road realignments, reconstructions, and even new bridges, LCDOT has helped create the transportation system you walk, bike, and drive on every day in Lake County. While all of LCDOT's initiatives work to accomplish this goal, some projects stand out. Recent highlights include:

Hart Road Improvements | Completed in 2022

Sometimes it takes multiple projects and a tremendous amount of coordination to make a difference - and that's what we did on Hart Road! LCDOT in conjunction with the Village of Barrington completed three projects along Hart Road that included improvements to the intersection of Hart Road at US Route 14, the replacement of an existing bridge over Flint Creek, the installation of a new multi-use path and sidewalk, and the resurfacing of Hart Road.

Quentin Road Before and After

Quentin Road Widening | Completed in 2020

The $22 million construction project widened a 1.95 mile stretch of Quentin Road from White Pine Road to IL 22 to five lanes. More than 80 percent of the project was paid for using federal funds. Fences with landscaping stone were used to give the road a signature look. New multi-use paths and sidewalks were installed at all sections of the project to provide residents access to the local businesses and parks. 

Millburn Bypass

US Route 45 Millburn Bypass | Completed in 2019

The $31 million project improved Route 45 from IL 132 to IL 173 and created a bypass of the Millburn Historic District, addressing one of the most congested traffic spots in Lake County, hence its nickname “the Millburn Strangler.” This project was completed in 2019 after more than 25 years of discussion, planning, and finally, construction of a realignment to drastically improve traffic flow in the area.

Washington Street

Washington Street Thoroughfare | Completed in 2017

The $53 million project reconstructed the Washington St. travel corridor and constructed a grade separation by lowering Washington St. under the CN/Metra railroad tracks in Grayslake. The project widened Washington St. from one-lane to two-lanes in each direction and freed Washington St. from more than 60 trains a day blocking an intersection.

Rollins Gateway

Rollins Road Gateway | Completed in 2015

The Rollins Road Gateway in Round Lake Beach is the single largest construction project in the Lake County Division of Transportation's history. The project improved the intersection of Rollins Road and IL 83 and constructed an underpass underneath the railroad track. This project has dramatically improved traffic congestion at the intersection as motorists no longer need to wait for trains to pass through.

River and Roberts Road Roundabout

River and Roberts Roundabout | Completed in 2015

The River and Roberts Road roundabout was the first multi-lane roundabout in Lake County. In many locations, roundabouts provide safer and more efficient traffic flow than standard intersections and they are a key component of Lake County's transportation system. Watch this video to learn how to navigate this specific roundabout and see the different paths you can take.