About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a safe, efficient and innovative transportation system 
to enhance mobility, economic development and quality of life in Lake County.

  • The construction, engineering, planning and maintenance of county highways in accordance with the Illinois Highway Code for the use of the traveling public.
  • The maintenance of the county vehicle fleet for the user departments.
  • The coordination of township road districts by the office of the County Engineer for the township highway commissioners.
  • The coordination of local federal transportation aid and reviews of public transportation in Lake County for agencies and the traveling public.
  • The review of proposed roads as part of the County Subdivision Ordinance for the township highway commission and new residents.
  • The implementation of other functions by state statute and the county board for the residents of Lake County.


LCDOT sets the standard of excellence for transportation performance, innovation and team culture.

Core Values

At the Lake County Division of Transportation we are...
  • People of integrity
  • Dedicated to safety
  • In service to the community
  • Accountable and transparent
  • Respectful of all persons and perspectives
  • Committed to quality and excellence
  • Open minded and attentive
  • Team oriented
  • Innovative, efficient and solution focused
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Enthusiastic and positive

Table of Organization

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