Water & Sewer User Charges, Ordinances

Lake County conducted a comprehensive rate study and connection fee analysis to identify the cost of providing services and to develop appropriate charges for all Lake County Public Works service areas. These studies were the basis for the 2020 county-wide adjustments in water, sewer and user charges as identified in Chapter 51: Rates and Charges.

Chapter 51: Rates and Charges

Lake County Code of Ordinances

Lake County has worked with each department and elected office to compile and codify all county codes and ordinances. 

The Lake County Code is searchable. Use the Lake County Code website’s "quick search" function to return search results from within all county codes, or use the (Ctrl+F) search function built in to most browsers to return search results from within the section of the ordinance that is currently open in your browser.

Visit Lake County Code of Ordinances.

Considerations and Principles Relating to Intergovernmental Agreements for Sewer and Amendments to Existing Agreements.