LCPWD Service Areas and Connection Fees

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This map indicates the approximate area of Lake County Public Works service and is not a guarantee of service availability. Please note that Lake County is not the local service provider in all areas.  Contact the local service provider to determine availability and conditions of service for a specific property.

The fee for a typical connection consists of the following fees:
     Sewer connection (per RE*)
     Sewer inspection (per connection)
     Water connection (per RE*)
     Water inspection (per connection)
     Water meter (per meter)
     Construction water (per RE*)
     Other fee (if applicable) (per RE*)
The fees listed are representative of a single-family residence.  Please contact the local service provider to confirm the current applicable fees for all other uses.
Water meter charges:
     5/8 inch  $250
     1 inch     $350
     1.5 inch  $600
     2 inch     $800
     3 inch     $1,600
     4 inch     $1,800
     6 inch     $2,000
*- A Residential Equivalent (RE) is the amount of water used and/or the amount of wastewater generated by a typical single family residence. Commercial, institutional and industrial properties are assigned Residential Equivalents based upon generally accepted standards and specific engineering evaluations.