Lake County Juvenile Justice Council

Communities play the primary role in preventing juvenile delinquency and the criminal victimization of juveniles. Working to engage all community members – business leaders, media representatives, teachers, parents, grandparents, young people, policy makers, clergy, elected officials and law enforcement – is vital for ensuring the health and wellbeing of children. When all members of the community work together to achieve common goals, everyone benefits from the strength of a working relationship. The Lake County Juvenile Justice Council strives to engage Lake County youth resources to prevent and discourage juvenile crime.

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The Lake County Juvenile Justice Council was established at the request of the State’s Attorney and the Chief Judge pursuant to 705 ILCS 405/6-12. Membership in the Council and its governing board is determined by these by-laws as ratified by resolution of the Lake County Board.
The purpose of the Lake County Juvenile Justice Council is as follows:

1. To provide a forum for the development of a community-based interagency assessment of the local juvenile justice system; 

2. To develop a county juvenile justice plan for the prevention of juvenile delinquency ;

3. To make recommendations to the Lake County Board for more effectively utilizing existing community resources in dealing with juveniles who are found to be involved in crime, or who are truant or have been suspended or expelled from school, and for improvements to the juvenile justice system of Lake County;

4. To promote and effectuate cooperation and coordination between the juvenile court and agencies and departments involved in the juvenile justice system; and

5. To promote Balanced and Restorative Justice as the official juvenile justice policy of Lake County, taking into account the following factors:

a. Public Safety;
b. Accountability for the minor for his/her conduct;
c. Competency development of the minor and the teaching of life skills necessary to prevent future delinquency;
d. Juvenile due process; and
e. To promote and develop a comprehensive countywide school safety plan so as to provide a safe learning environment for our children.