Cross Connection Control Program

Lake County Public Works is required by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) to have a cross connection control program in place to protect the public water supply from contamination. The IEPA also requires us to follow an approved Cross Connection Control Ordinance and to perform an bi-annual survey of all of our water customers. The purpose of the survey is to identify certain plumbing fixtures or special uses of the water supply in your home or business.

Lake County Public Works has partnered with CCRA Professional Services to assist with this survey.  To complete this survey, go to , select "Take Your WUI Survey" tab, select your City, and enter your water account number (use the last 8 digits of the account number without the leading zero).    
For more information regarding Cross Connection, please review the mailed letter that has been sent to our customers.  
Thank you for helping us complete the survey and comply with these important IEPA requirements. If you have any questions please call 847-377-7500.

Lake County Code of Ordinances

The Lake County Code is searchable. Use the Lake County Code website's "quick search" function to return search results from within all county codes, or use the (Ctrl+f) search function built in to most browsers to return search results from within the section of the ordinance that is currently open in your browser.