Environmental Maps

These maps show environment features such as the Lake County Wetland Inventory (LCWI), ADvanced IDentification (ADID) sites, and hydrologic unit boundaries on a political township basis. High resolution (1" = 100') orthorectified aerial imagery captured in April 2002 was used as the base for this update. Other data used as reference for this update include: 2004 SOIL SURVEY GEOGRAPHIC (SSURGO) DATABASE FOR LAKE COUNTY, IL - U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service; HYDROLOGY2002 - Lake County GIS/Map Division; 2' topography (CONTOURS) - Lake County GIS/Map Division; and various years of historical aerial photography for clarification. By using the more recent higher resolution photography, the resulting updated wetland boundaries are more accurate then the original boundaries published in 1993. Additional ADID information can be found in the ADID Final Report and the ADID Site Data Sheets.

These maps are intended to be printed at approximately 34" x 56" and if printed at 8-1/2 x 11 will not be very legible.