Services Overview

Water or Fire Hydrant Problems

Water and fire hydrant problems in Lake County Public Works service areas should be reported to our office at 847-377-7500. For after-hours emergencies call 847-377-7188. If you are not in our service area contact your village or homeowners association. Check our Utility Service Contact List for phone numbers of other local service providers.

Sanitary Sewer Problems

Customers in our service areas with sanitary sewer problems should contact our office at 847-377-7500. For after-hours emergencies call 847-377-7188. If you are not a Lake County Public Works customer call your village or your sanitary service utility. Check our Utility Service Contact List for information about other local utility service providers.

Garbage Disposal

We do not have information about residential waste haulers. To find the waste management agency that services your property contact your village hall or township office. Another good source for recycling and waste management information is the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO).

Landscape and Driveway Restoration

Special maintenance crews restore properties damaged during water or sewer repair work. They are experienced in using proper materials under proper weather conditions to achieve the most effective results. Concrete and blacktop driveway repairs take priority and are performed year-round. Landscape restoration may be completed in phases, such as gravel and top soil in the winter followed by grass seed in the spring. Lawns will not be seeded or sodded during the heat of summer. To check on the status of your property call our office at 847-377-7500.


Information about Lake County Public Works water and sewer permits can be found on our Permit and License Application web page. Information regarding permits issued by other Lake County agencies is available from the Planning, Building and Development Department. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions.


As a government organization we are not permitted to recommend the services of individual contractors. The best way to find a good plumber is to ask family and friends for references. Be sure to find what type of job the plumber performed and if they specialize in residential or commercial work. Other possible referral sources include contractors, real estate agents or your local plumbing supply store.

Road Repairs

Lake County Public Works may perform minor roadwork during water and sewer maintenance, but most road repair projects on county roads are coordinated by the Lake County Transportation Division (LCDOT). Visit their website for the status of current construction, upcoming projects and more.

Septic Systems

Questions about septic systems and on-site wastewater treatment systems should be directed to the Lake County Health Department’s Individual Sewage Disposal Program (ISD). Trained ISD personnel provide soil evaluations, inspections, installation assistance, permits and more.

Snow Removal

Lake County Public Works is not involved in snow removal. Depending on the jurisdiction of the roadway, plowing would be the responsibility of the village, the Lake County Transportation Division or the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Storm Sewer Problems

Storm sewers prevent flooding by collecting storm water, road wash and surface runoff. They are not connected to our sanitary sewers, which collect household and industrial waste. For problems with storm sewers, culverts or flood drainage contact your village or township.

Utility Locates

According to state law, anyone planning any type of digging in Illinois is required to contact JULIE, Inc. (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators). Within two (2) working days of your call, a representative from each member utility company (not a JULIE staff person) will mark the location of their underground facilities with paint and/or flags at the excavation site. Simply dial 811 or place an E-Request online.

The Lake County Public Works Department is only required to mark the facilities that we own. Water and sewer service lines are privately owned, and therefore we will not mark them.

Wells (Private)

Public Works maintains a number of community wells, but private wells, semi-private wells and non-community water wells are administered by the Lake County Health Department (LCHD) Water Well Program. In addition to well water testing, the LCHD staff provides water well permits, regulates the sealing of abandoned wells and can respond to questions or complaints about any water-related issue.