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February 23, 2021 - Consolidated Primary

The Lake County Clerk, office staff, and the election judge teams have worked endless hours for the past month to check-in and verify all the mailed ballots, and many, but not all, of the vote by mail ballots are included in the election night’s totals. Some vote by mail ballots still need to be verified by election judges before they can be cast. Both staff and judges will continue to process the remaining vote by mail ballots beginning November 4.

There will be two scheduled updates to the website totals:

  1. Thursday, November 12 after 3 PM - to include additional vote by mail ballots processed to date
  2. Tuesday, November 17 at 5 PM - Final totals to include remaining vote by mail ballots and validated provisional ballots

Per Illinois election law, election results are not final until 14 days after Election Day. There are votes to count from verified provisional ballots and mailed ballots with a postmark no later than Election Day sent by county residents, military members, or overseas citizens.

Unofficial Election Results

Please note there were no declared write-in candidates or public questions for this election.
Election results are unofficial until Provisional and late-arriving Vote By Mail ballots are counted 14 days after the election and the results are certified.

Uncounted Ballots (as of 11/16/20)
Total Uncounted
Election Day
Mail: Returned
Mail: Sent but not Returned

Casting of Late-Arriving Vote-By-Mail and valid Provisional ballots will be Tuesday 11/17/20.
Pollwatchers with credentials who wish to observe may call 847-377-2314.

Lake County Archived Election Results

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