North Libertyville Estates Levee

Recent Update

Residents in the North Libertyville Estates subdivision were provided an update on the emergency levee procedures (improving communications through "CodeRED"), how to prepare in the event the levee overtops, and protecting your home with flood insurance. Lake County, Libertyville Township, and local public safety officials supported the information meeting with a question and answer period. The brief that was presented is included below.

Community Meeting Presentation

North Libertyville Estates Levee 1

About the Levee

In 1997, the U.S. Army Corps Engineers designed and constructed a one-mile-long levee, which is maintained by the Lake County Department of Public Works, to protect against flooding that plagued the North Libertyville Estates subdivision for years. 

The levee construction as currently built would have contained all major flooding that has occurred in Lake County since the subdivision was built in 1954. Recent data, however, has shown that Lake County has been experiencing more frequent and stronger rainfall events. Due to the increased frequency and intensity of rainfall events countywide,  there is an increased chance that the levee will overflow within the next 25 years.

We encourage you to be prepared, be informed by reviewing the frequently asked question found on this web page. Contact Lake County Public Works at 847-377-7500 if you have additional questions.