List of Registered Voters & Voting History


Voter registration and voting history data are public records available for inspection. Units of government or political committees, who are registered with the State Board of Elections, may purchase voter registration lists and associated voter history in electronic form for bona fide political purposes. The Illinois State Board of Election prohibits the use of electronic file for commercial solicitation or other business purposes. (Chapter 10 ILCS 5/4-8, 5-7, and 6-35, Illinois Compiled Statutes)
Lake County voter files are available on USB flash drive OR compact disk (CD) for all governmental districts:
  • Lake County (countywide)
  • Congressional District (U.S. Congress)
  • Legislative District (Illinois Senate)
  • Representative District (Illinois House)
  • County Board District
  • Judicial Subcircuit
  • Township
  • Precinct
  • Municipal
  • Municipal Ward
  • North Shore Sanitary District Ward
  • School District
  • Library District
  • Park District
  • Fire Protection District
  • Fox Waterway Agency
Voter information is governed by the Illinois Compiled Statutes (Chapter 10 ILCS 5/4-8, 5-7, and 6-35):
  • Political committees, who registered pursuant to the Illinois Campaign Finance Act or the Federal Campaign Act, are qualified to receive this data.
  • Data can only be used for bona fide political purposes.
  • Data shall not be used under any circumstances by political committees or individuals for purposes of commercial solicitation or other business purposes.
  • Voter information contained in the electronic file may not be released to another individual, group, or political committee without prior approval of the State Board of Elections.
  • Units of Government are qualified to receive this data but may not use the information for political purposes.
  • Violation of these restrictions is a Class 4 felony.
Cost of each order is determined by the quantity of data for the requested district. Call Voter Registration at 847-377-2311 for determination of cost.

There is a $10.00 setup fee, plus $1.00 per thousand records, rounded up to the next thousand.

To Request Electronic Voter Information
Applications for electronic voter information are available at our office or you may download the application.
Payment must be made with funds of the committee either by committee check or money order, made payable to Lake County Clerk. Requests are processed on a first-in, first-out basis.

Mail the completed application to:
Lake County Clerk
ATTN: Voter Services
18 N. County Street - Room 101A
Waukegan, IL 60085-4364


Fax the completed application to 847-984-5827; Attn: Voter Services and call 847-377-2311 to confirm receipt, and instructions for payment and pick up.

Technical Data
Format: ASCII Delimited (text), Access .MDB. or Excel (2007) .XLSX
Capacity: Either USB Flash Drive OR Compact disk (CD) holds full county.