Electoral Board


Under Illinois state law, local jurisdictions, including cities, villages, counties and others holding elections for public office must convene electoral boards to rule on candidacy objections filed to contest an individual's eligibility to seek election. Nomination papers shall be deemed to be valid unless objections are filed in writing (an original and two copies) within five business days after the last day for filing nomination papers.

The objector's petitions are filed with the same office in which the nominating papers are filed. The Lake County Clerk accepts nominating papers and conducts electoral board hearings for Clerk of the Circuit Court, Coroner, County Clerk, Recorder of Deeds, Regional Superintendent of Schools, Board of Education, Sheriff, State's Attorney and Treasurer, Precinct Committeepersons, County Board Districts, and North Shore Water Reclamation District. The Lake County Electoral Board also hears objections to petitions for judicial offices if the district falls entirely in Lake County.

Electoral boards for municipal, township, and education officers conduct their own hearings. The Lake County Electoral Board hears objections for libraries, park districts, and fire protection districts.

The Lake County Electoral Board consists of 3 members. The Chairman of the Electoral Board is the Lake County Clerk. The two remaining board members are the Clerk of the Circuit Court and State's Attorney.

The meeting of the electoral board shall not be less than three nor more than five days after receipt of the objector's petition by the Chairman of the Electoral Board. Within 5 days after the decision of the electoral board, the candidate or objector aggrieved by the decision may file a petition for judicial review with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.