About Your Account

Billing Periods

We serve a variety of water and sewer service areas. Customers are billed on a bi-monthly basis. We offer several different Bill Payment Options for your convenience. Contact the billing department at 847-377-7500 for more information.

Watering Restrictions

Outside water usage is restricted by ordinance to protect community water supplies during high-usage summer months. From May 15 to September 15 each year, outside water usage is permitted on odd or even numbered calendar days, depending on your street address, and is allowed only before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. on those days. This includes grass or landscape watering, car washing and filling swimming pools. Landscape watering with a handheld device (handheld hose, watering can or bucket) is allowed at any time.
Residents with newly seeded or sodded yards may water for 14 consecutive days between the hours of 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. Under severe weather conditions, additional temporary restrictions may be imposed. Please read through a list of emergency water use restrictions currently in effect. Residents with private wells are not subject to these restrictions, but we encourage the responsible use of non-essential water when the water table is low.

Due Dates

Water bills are based on bimonthly meter readings, depending on your cycle, or on a flat rate. The due date is 20 days after the billing date, but billing dates will vary from cycle to cycle. Holidays and severe weather can disrupt the meter reading schedule. If you’re concerned about paying on time, consider registering on our customer portal for automatic payments.

Estimated Bills

When we are unable to read your water meter it may be necessary to estimate your bill. We would much prefer an actual reading. If you receive a postcard requesting that you read your meter, please mail the postage-paid card to us within 48 hours or phone in your reading to the Billing Department at 847-377-7500.

Loss of Water Service

Service may be shut off for non-payment of bills, but interruptions can also be caused by water main breaks, power outages or frozen meters. When we have advance notice of a shut-off we will do our best to notify you, but during sudden emergencies that is not always possible. If you are without water, call our office at 847-377-7500. Our after-hours emergency number is 847-336-1611.

Summer Sewer Credit

Much of the water we use during the summer goes back into the ground and does not go through the sewage treatment process. For that reason, the Summer Sewer Ordinance provides credits to residential customers from May 15 to September 15 each year. You don’t need to ask for the credit, it’s automatic. You pay for your water usage, but the sewer portion of your bill will not exceed 120% of your average winter sewer bill. Keep these dates in mind when filling a pool or planning a major landscape project.

Vacant Home Billing

A fixed monthly service charge has been developed for Lake County. The service charge increases by meter size or the flat rate for unmetered sewer or water service will be generated regardless of occupancy for any property that is connected to Lake County sewer and/or water service.

Credits & Refunds

Credits due to overpayments will be applied toward your next bill, except in the case of final billing. Credit balances on final bills for closed accounts will be refunded by a check sent to your last known address.

Water and Sewer Payment Assistance

View resources for Lake County residents to utilize if they are struggling to pay their water and/or sewer bills.