1. Emergency Preparedness Information

    Learn about particular emergency management and preparedness topics.

  2. Health Demographics, Statistics & Data Topics

    View Lake County's health data regarding demographics, vital statistics, behavioral health, environmental health, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, and community safety.

  3. Health Resources

    View a listing of links to surrounding local and state health departments.

  4. Immunization Information

    Locate valuable immunization information and resources.

  5. Mental Health Counseling

    The purpose of this program is to prevent and treat chronic/severe emotional and psychiatric disorders.

  6. NextGen Patient Portal

    Once your web account is created, you may access the patient portal from any device with internet access.

  7. Primary Care Services

    ‚ÄčThe Health Department, through the Community Health Center, offers a broad spectrum of personal and community services directed at individuals and families of all races, genders and ages who are unable to access the private medical sector.

  8. Video Library

    Watch videos from the Health Department.