Foreclosure Info

Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation

Homeowners facing foreclosure may be able to save their homes through informative how-to classes, personalized counseling and mediation services. These free services are offered by the Lake County Courts in conjunction with the Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County. More information can be found at the 19th Judicial Circuit.

Foreclosure Guide

Learn about your rights and options in the foreclosure process by viewing this foreclosure guide (PDF) from the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Center for Self-Representation, and view the Mortgage Foreclosure Self-Representation Section on the Court’s website.

Foreclosure Notices

Notices of foreclosure for Lake County’s unincorporated area should be sent to the Lake County Clerk, in accordance with 735 ILCS 5/15-1503:

Anthony Vega, Lake County Clerk
18 North County Street Room 101
Waukegan, Illinois 60085

Phone: 847-377-2400
Fax: 847-984-5822

*Please note, foreclosure notices for properties located in municipalities should be sent to that local governing body.

Foreclosure Sales

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility of executing the sale of all foreclosed properties within Lake County. All properties are sold via auction with a schedule listing the dates and properties to be auctioned. More information can be found at the Sheriff's site.

Foreclosed Property Listing


The County Clerk's Office Recording Division can assist homeowners with obtaining records during the foreclosure process, including copies of deeds, mortgages and foreclosure documents. Contact the Recording Division at 847-377-2575 or email.