Retirees can continue health, dental and vision coverage into retirement at 100% of the monthly premium. Retirees may only continue coverage for benefits in which they were enrolled in as of their date of retirement. Additionally, retirees are ineligible to add dependents at a future date, regardless of qualifying life event. For example, if the retiree was only enrolled in medical coverage for themselves at retirement, the retiree cannot add dental or vision benefits or add any dependents in the future. 

If the retiree chooses to cancel coverage for any benefit, then any dependents currently on the plan(s) are eligible for COBRA. The County partners with a third-party administrator, Plan Source. 

2024 Open Enrollment Resources

Participants age 65 or older

Retirees and eligible dependents age 65 or older are eligible to participate in the County's Medicare Supplement, Benistar. Should the retiree enroll in Benistar, eligible dependents may remain on the County's Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. If the retiree chooses to not enroll in Benistar and discontinue medical coverage at age 65, any remaining dependents on the medical plan will no longer be eligible to be on the plan and will be offered COBRA. 

For more information regarding Benistar, please view the Medicare Supplement Presentation provided below. 

IMRF also provides medical, dental and vision benefits to retirees, click here to learn more.

Important Resources

Online Benefit Portals Links 

Participants enrolled in the County's benefits may access the online participant portal by using the corresponding links below or the providers mobile app (if available). Please note, prior to using the mobile app, participants must create an online account using the links below.