Impact Posters

Reducing Second Hand Smoking Exposure

QI Impact Prevention - Reducing Second Hand Smoking Exposure

Increased Testing and Screening for Tuberculosis

QI Impact TB - Increase Testing and Screening for TB

Address Developmental Delays in Children

QI Impact-Reducing Wait Times for Children Poster

Increased Safety from Public Water System

QI Impact-Reducing Positive Coliform Bacteria Poster

Reduced Spread of HIV

QI Impact STI-Routine HIV Testing Poster

Increased Quality of Life

QI Impact-Reducing Days with Odor Complaints Poster

Reduction of Re-Infection

QI Impact STI Clinic-Reducing Retreatments Poster

Better Pregnancy Health

QI Impact FCM-Reduce Referral Times Poster

Better Control of Diabetes

QI Impact-Be Well Finalized Poster