Ordinances & Codes

About County Ordinances

An ordinance is an act of the County Board creating a local law of a general and permanent nature in unincorporated Lake County. The Code of Ordinances is a compilation of Lake County’s regulatory ordinances. Administrative ordinances are not incorporated. 

Regularly Referenced Ordinances & Codes

Development Codes (Unincorporated area) 

Ethics & Conduct Code

Public Nuisance Ordinance

Purchasing Ordinance

Watershed Development Ordinance

Temporary, Annual, and Recently Approved Ordinances

  1. 2023
  2. 2022
  3. 2021
File #Date ApprovedTitleOrdinance
23-022302/21/2023Tax Abatement Ordinance for the Series 2022 General Obligation Refunding Bonds. 
23-0223 Ordinance
23-022202/21/2023Tax Abatement Ordinance for Special Service Area Number (SSA #) 16 tax levy. 
23-0222 Ordinance
23-022102/21/2023Tax Abatement Ordinance for the Series 2015A General Obligation Bonds. 
23-0221 Ordinance
23-022002/21/2023Tax Abatement Ordinance for the Series 2013 General Obligation Road Bonds. 
23-0220 Ordinance
23-021902/21/2023Tax Abatement Ordinance for the Series 2019 General Obligation Refunding Bonds. 
23-0219 Ordinance
23-021802/21/2023Tax Abatement Ordinance for the Series 2018 General Obligation Refunding Bonds. 
23-0218 Ordinance
23-011501/17/2023Ordinance amending the Lake County Ethics & Conduct Code for the purpose of transferring Code responsibilities and authorities from the dissolved Ethics & Oversight Committee to the Financial & Administrative Committee.23-0115 Ordinance

Lake County Ethics and Conduct Code
23-006201/17/2023Ordinance amending a previous ordinance designating the voting sites assigned to 14 of the 431 precincts in Lake County Townships. 
23-0062 Ordinance
23-000501/17/2023Ordinance requesting the conveyance of parcels of land for right-of-way and easements from the Villages of Long Grove and Buffalo Grove and authorizing separate agreements with the Villages of Long Grove and Buffalo Grove for the widening and reconstruction of Aptakisic Road, from Illinois Route 83 to Buffalo Grove Road. 
23-0005 Ordinance