Lost Cats

If you are the owner of a pet shown or have found one of the pets shown, please contact Animal Care and Control at 847-377-4700. Please note that none of the pets shown are currently housed at Animal Care and Control.


Lost Pet's ID Number:
Pet Description: DSH, black and white, male, 5 year old, microchipped, black collar w/tags at time he went missing
Area/Town Lost: Gurnee
Date Last Seen: July 2020
A802380 Morty


Lost Pet's ID Number:
Pet Description: DSH, orange tabby, neutered male, 10 years old, outside cat (semi feral)
Area/Town Lost: Bannockburn
Date Last Seen: January 17, 2021
A815324 Larus

Jimmy James

Lost Pet's ID Number:
Pet Description: DSH, brown tiger, neutered male, 9 months old, chipped, black collar
Area/Town Lost: Towner Lakes
Date Last Seen: March 21, 2021
A809780 Jimmy James


Lost Pet's ID Number: A824054
Pet Description: DSH, calico, spayed female, 5 years old
Area/Town Lost: McHenry
Date Last Seen: April 10, 2021

A824054 Lyla

Gus Gus

Lost Pet's ID Number: A824663
Pet Description: DSH, orange tabby, neutered male, 4 years old
Area/Town Lost: Antioch (Oakwood Knolls Subdivision close to boarder of Bristol Wisconsin)
Date Last Seen: April 17, 2021

A824663 Gus Gus


Lost Pet's ID Number: A737359
Pet Description: DMH, orange w/ white, male, 3 years old, indoor/outdoor cat
Area/Town Lost: Vernon Hills
Date Last Seen: April, 2021

A737359 Miles


Lost Pet's ID Number: A828454
Pet Description: DSH, black, male, 9 months old
Area/Town Lost: Gurnee (Orchard Valley Subdivision)
Date Last Seen: May 8, 2021

A828454 Jasper


Lost Pet's ID Number: A827290
Pet Description: DSH, black and brown tabby w/ white, male, 6 months old
Area/Town Lost: Lake Villa
Date Last Seen: May 10, 2021

A827290 Brownie


Lost Pet's ID Number: A828353
Pet Description: DSH, orange tiger, neutered male, 1 year 6 months old, chipped
Area/Town Lost: Wauconda
Date Last Seen: May 20, 2021

A828353 Oscar


Lost Pet's ID Number: A743327
Pet Description: DLH, gray, neutered male, 13 years old, pinkish/orange collar, chipped
Area/Town Lost: Gurnee
Date Last Seen: May 23, 2021

A743327 Harry


Lost Pet's ID Number: A828888
Pet Description: DLH, black and white, spayed female, 6 years old, chipped
Area/Town Lost: Lake Forest
Date Last Seen: May 27, 2021

A828888 Indira


Lost Pet's ID Number: A780953
Pet Description: DSH, black and brown tabby, neutered male, 2 years old, chipped
Area/Town Lost: Barrington
Date Last Seen: May 31, 2021

A780953 Snickers


Lost Pet's ID Number: A830183
Pet Description: DSH, orange (buff) tiger w/white, neutered male, 11 years old, indoor cat
Area/Town Lost: Grayslake
Date Last Seen: June 5, 2021

A830183 Artex


Lost Pet's ID Number: A830384
Pet Description: DSH, brown tabby w/ orange spot on head, spayed female, 1 years old, chipped
Area/Town Lost: Fort Sheridan Military Housing
Date Last Seen: June 5, 2021

A830384 Alice


Lost Pet's ID Number: A829925
Pet Description: DSH, black small white spot on chest, neutered male, 1 years old, chipped, collar with bell
Area/Town Lost: Antioch
Date Last Seen: June 6, 2021

A829925 Seamus


Lost Pet's ID Number: A830167
Pet Description: DLH, brown and black tabby w/ white, neutered male, 14 years old, collar with tag
Area/Town Lost: Round Lake
Date Last Seen: June 7, 2021

A830167 Endo